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21 to Enter: Fuseamania

1. What is your real name?

My wife calls me Dave, my mother calls me David.

2. What is the background to your DJ name?

I used to play on a traveling team called Fuse, which became my first DJ name. My close friend Michael also played on the team and he always wore a “Hulkamania” headband. He passed away when I was 21. [Afterwards,] I was looking through photos of us and decided I wanted to keep a part of him involved with me every day, and that’s how Fuseamania came about.

3. Describe your music roots—how did you get started?

I got started playing when I was 18/19 years old. I used to play house parties, which snowballed into playing at some fraternity parties at UC. As I expanded, some of the frats held parties at bars and I would play those.

[During] this time, I was just coming up with the Fuseamania logo. I saw this guy online via Myspace who made custom turntables. His name was none other than Ice Cold Tony. I met Tony to have him make me custom Fuseamania decks, and that is really the moment that my DJ career took off.

4. What was your first paid gig?

My first paid gig was at a fraternity, but my first bar gig was a small bar in West Chester called Casey D’s.

5. Favorite 4EG venue?

My favorite venue is Righteous Room, but Pavilion is my second home.

6. What genres are you known for playing?

I don’t think I’m known for a specific genre, but more for never knowing what you might get (in a good way!).

7. What is the best way make a song request?

Be nice, use please and thank you—it’s that simple. And you would be amazed at how often that doesn’t happen.

8. What is the funniest/outrageous song request you’ve had?

I once was asked to play Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” in October before Halloween. She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t do that. I had to get the manager involved for her to leave me alone!

9. What are your hobbies or interest outside of DJing?

I was recently married in March, and one of my hobbies with my wife is traveling. NYC is my favorite place to visit. I don’t know if this is a hobby, but I like to play video games when I have time.

10. If you were not DJing, what would you be doing?

This is a really hard one for me. I have been DJing since high school ended and it’s the life I know. I have always felt, however, that DJing will one day lead me down a new path!

11. What is the most annoying thing someone can do to a DJ in a bar or club?

I try to not let anyone bother me. But like I mentioned, the use of “please” and “thank you” goes a long way for me.

12. What do you like to see when people are out and about in the bars?

I love when people aren’t afraid to get the party started and be the first ones on the dance floor.

13. Best moment DJing at a 4EG venue?

I have had a lot of great moments, but the one that comes to mind most recently is Flo Rida at Pavilion. He was only supposed to do one song and ended up doing eleven! He was the nicest guy and complimented me [at the end of the night].

14. Who are some of your favorite DJs?

Locally, most of the main 4EG guys (Tony, Simo, !dentity, etc.) are great, and I love listening to them. Nationally, I like Spryte, Konflikt, and Scene.

15. How do you stay up on what’s current?

Staying current is always hard because it’s always changing. [I focus on] researching, seeing, and listening to other DJ mixes and checking the charts. Being an employee for helps, too.

16. What artists are you jamming to lately?

This depends on my mood, but in the car I love JJ Grey & Mofro. But if I’m trying to turn up, I love the newer hip-hop like Lil Yachty or Chance the Rapper. But I can turn up to some Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True” or The Contours, too!

17. What do you listen to on your ride home from your gig?

Usually talk radio, I’m a big Howard Stern fan.

18. What’s your drink of choice in the bar?

When I’m not DJing, I usually go for whiskey on the rocks. When I’m DJing, I keep it to vodka and soda.

19. What do you want to see more of in the DJ world in the future?

I want to see less [amateur] DJs in the future. Everyone with a laptop thinks they’re a DJ, but only few actually are.

20. Describe yourself as a DJ in 5 words.

Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, John Cena.

21. Any advice for wannabe DJs?

Listen to the guys who have made careers out of DJing. Take the time learn the craft, and don’t try or expect to be a superstar overnight.

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