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A 4EG gift card will make anyone happy: the social butterfly, the new parents that need a night out on the town, or the young professional looking to enjoy a post-work happy hour. When you give a 4EG gift card, you’re gifting an experience.


Choose your gift card option below. Have questions? Visit our FAQs section here.

  • Where can I use my gift card?
    4EG (Cincinnati) gift cards can be purchased and used at the following locations: • Igby’s • Low Spark • Rosedale • The Lackman • The Righteous Room • The Roosevelt Room • The Stretch • Beeline (Columbus) 4EG (Chicago) gift cards can only be purchased and used at the location named on the gift card. Keystone gift cards can be purchased and used at the following locations: • Keystone Bar & Grill – Covington • Keystone Bar & Grill – Clifton • Keystone’s Mac Shack – Clifton • The St. Clair Please note that 4EG gift cards (including holiday bonus cards) are excluded from use at Keystone Bar & Grill locations and Keystone’s Mac Shack.
  • Can you replace my gift card if I lose it?
    No. Please protect your gift card like cash because it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Can I use more than one gift card at a time?
    Yes. Our gift cards are accepted like cash and can be combined for use.
  • How can I check the balance on my gift card?
    If your card has a 14-digit identifying number, you can check the balance of your gift card by clicking here. All other gift card balances can be verified at any location by asking a member of our team to swipe your card.
  • Can I add value to my gift card?
    Additional value can be added to your gift card at any 4EG (Cincinnati) or Keystone venue. 4EG (Chicago) gift cards can have value added to them at the location named on the gift card. Simply inform your bartender or server of the desired amount and the transaction can be paid using cash or a major credit card. The revised balance will not be reflected until the following day. Please retain your receipt for verification.
  • Can I use my gift card for gratuity?
    No. You can only apply your gift card to the items on your check and applicable tax.
  • Do gift cards expire?
    4EG (Cincinnati) and Keystone gift cards never expire. 4EG (Chicago) gift cards expire five years from the activation date. There are no maintenance or non-usage fees.
  • If I don’t use the entire amount on my gift card, what happens?"
    Purchases will be deducted from the gift card until the value reaches zero. You can use the remaining balance on your card at your next visit.
  • Can I use my gift card to pay for private parties?
    Yes. You may use a gift card to apply to the balance at the conclusion of your private party. Please note that gift cards cannot be used to pay gratuities.
  • Can I use my gift card the same day it is purchased?
    No. Gift cards purchased in-store cannot be used until the following day.
  • Can I use my gift card for delivery orders?
    No. We use third-party food delivery services for and gift cards cannot be redeemed using these services.
  • Can I use my gift card at
    No. Gift cards can only be utilized at our brick-and-mortar venues.
  • Can I include a message when I order a gift card?
    Yes. A gift message can be included at no additional charge.
  • How are the gift cards packaged?
    Each 4EG (Cincinnati) and Keystone gift card comes with a dedicated gift card holder. 4EG (Chicago) gift cards are sent with a letter detailing the contents of the gift card.
  • If I order online, how will I receive my gift card order?"
    We ship all of our gift cards via USPS. Please allow 2-3 business days for gift card processing + shipping time via USPS first-class mail.
  • Where can I ship my gift card?
    We can ship to any street address in the 50 states. We do not ship internationally. Please be sure to include all information, such as a suite number, business name, or any other relevant information that will help USPS deliver your package promptly.
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