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Q&A with Danny K: 15 Years at Mount Adams Pavilion

Mount Adams Pavilion has been a staple in the Cincinnati bar scene since opening in 2002. Known for its spectacular views of Cincinnati’s skyline and party deck atmosphere, Pavilion sits at the heart of the city and has become home to both local and national DJs each weekend. As the 15-year anniversary approaches, we sat down with Operations Manager, Danny Krzynowek, to reminisce on the memories made at Pavilion over the years.

Pavilion's Operations Manager, Danny Krzynowek

What’s your vision for the next 15 years?

Over the next 15 years, my team and I plan to continue to provide the city of Cincinnati with the best entertainment experience the hospitality industry can offer. We like to provide the customer with the “first date” experience each and every time they enter Pavilion. I want them to feel the excitement, the nervousness, and the euphoria each time they step foot into Pavilion. You always remember your first kiss, so creating that sensation for our customers is our goal for a long and happy relationship.

Why Mt. Adams? Why is it the perfect spot for Pavilion? How has Mt. Adams shaped the success of Pavilion?

Mt. Adams is a unique and eclectic neighborhood that fits the personality of the owners, and has provided us with a canvas for their vision when starting 4EG. It is a perfect fit because it offers beautiful views in a space so rich with history. When you combine the building and the views, you provide the guests with an interactive involvement. Much of Pavilion’s success is owed to the community of Mt. Adams. We worked extremely hard to have synergy with the neighborhood when we first opened, and that still continues today.

Pavilion's Penthouse, 2011

Tell us about your favorite guests? Who are they and why do they love Pavilion?

One of my first celebrity encounters in the early years of Pavilion was with Joe Perry, the guitarist for Aerosmith. Believe it or not, he ended up helping me unclog a toilet. Immediately, I learned no one is too rich or too successful to get their hands dirty every once in a while.

My favorite type of customer is the person that comes in to make the night a celebration. The energy that they provide just trickles into the whole atmosphere and builds throughout the night. We love being a part of their big night out.

What is your favorite drink/dish?

Well, where do I start? I love flavors and believe less is more. I have experimented with many different spirits and food dishes over the years. One of my favorite cocktails is the Bacardi Dragonberry Mojito. When Bacardi first introduced the Dragonberry flavor, I saw the cocktail’s potential and, essentially, cornered the market in Ohio by buying the entire allotted stock up for the first three months. It did so well, we’re still selling it today!

Our menu is always a surprise to people when they see it for the first time. Who, us? Made-from-scratch grub? Of course! One of my favorite dishes is the “Pulled Pork Sandwich”. We spend 12-hours cooking our pork butts after sprinkling them with a collection of spices. We serve it pulled on a toasted bun with our signature BBQ sauce, topped with our house made coleslaw.

Fuseamania, 2012

Is there a specific event that Pavilion has hosted that stands out to you? Why was it your favorite and what made it successful?

Pavilion has had many mind-blowing events over the years. A stand out is when Bob Deck, one of our owners, was able to bring in DJ AM at the height of his popularity. The deal was struck in the 11th hour so we had our work cut out for us. We had to develop a ticketing plan, front door management, last minute advertising (pre-marketing team), proper staffing, security, equipment, transportation, hotel arrangements, and, of course, the production of the event. I still have customers to this day bring up the event and reminisce with me, so I’d call it a success!

What misconceptions do people have about Pavilion? Why is it for everyone?

This biggest misconception is that our crowd is “young”. We spend a lot of time and effort making sure that we can cater to a wide demographic. We have three floors offering different type of entertainment on the weekends and they are all geared towards multiple age groups. We are always trying to develop programs to appeal to the masses, and make everyone feel welcomed.

DJ Spryte, 2013

What excites you about the industry? 15 years is a long time!

Honestly, I love the challenges and the changes. Shifts can be an exciting thing when you’re a part of it. 4EG is an industry leader in this market, and it drives me to be the best I can when it comes to making Pavilion grow and prosper with the changes.

What does Pavilion do differently than any other bar in Cincinnati?

I challenge our employees to think outside the box. Is someone else is doing that event/special? How can we do it better, make it unique, and make it ours? For example, this year we rented floor space at Bridal-rama. Why would a bar want to be part of a bridal show? Our goal was to connect with brides and show them the party that is Pavilion. We’ve booked lots of bachelorette/bachelor parties, bridal showers, and even the ceremony!

What bar etiquette do you wish more people knew?

To be blunt, please use your manners. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ goes a long way and we recognize that’s a two way street.

Jermaine Dupri, 2011

What type of challenges has Pavilion faced over the years?

There will always be challenges and they come in many forms. From new locations opening, staffing needs, and the ongoing growth of our own company, we’re always striving to grow and succeed. I constantly challenge myself to beat the sales the year before, and now look at us, 15 years strong!

How do you see Mt. Adams and Cincinnati changing over the next few years? How does Pavilion plan to influence this change?

We will continue to stay ahead of the bubble. With the popularity of craft-lounge bars in the area, Pavilion is the stand-alone presence of a true nightclub with dancing and the big city nightlife experience. Dating apps are a big part of our world today and we’re giving guests the ability to meet organically on the dance floor. So at Pavilion, we plan to keep giving the people what they want: to eat, drink, dance, and let loose to have a great time.

What makes Pavilion the #1 bar of the 4EG family year after year?

Pavilion will always be considered a flagship to the 4EG family. Pavilion’s success is a group effort. Thanks to the owners, marketing team, support staff, managers, and the rest of the 4EG locations for making Pavilion what it is today. Cheers to 15 more!

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