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Time for a Winter-vention

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Looking to break your winter blues? We know the cold can be a bit brutal, but we’re here to help you find fun, cozy things to do to make it worth the effort of leaving home. Take a look at our specially curated list of “winterventions” to bring your social life out of hibernation.

Igby's cozy fireplace
Igby's Fireplace

Make Your Cabin Even Cozier

Breaking hibernation can be a bear, so we’re only asking you to leave the house for a few hours. Stop at the Candle Lab to create a unique scent that will help bring a little life to your home. Our favorite? Bourbon, orange zest, and vanilla. Then, while you’re waiting for your candle to set, head over to The Lackman to gossip about your new Netflix obsession over a few cocktails.

Skate The Day Away

Listen, we know how hard it is to face the cold, but throw some ice skates on and head to the ice rink at Fountain Square for the (rare) chance to stretch your legs. Skating is the perfect opportunity to get your friends out of the house and laugh as you try to land a double axel. Once the cold becomes too much, head over to Igby’s, where you can warm up next to one of the oversized fireplaces. Sip on a glass (or bottle) of wine and take inventory of all of your new bruises.

Prepare For Spring

Who says you need to wait until spring to give your home a new look? Head over to Elm & Iron, where you can find a stunning new statement piece for your living room.  Why stop there? You deserve a new wardrobe too. We suggest visiting Kismet, a boutique that will give your closet the jumpstart it needs for the upcoming season. Once you’ve finished shopping, head to Low Spark. There, you can show your friends all of your new finds over a “Doctor Satan” cocktail. 

Spill The Tea

Head over to Iris BookCafé and Gallery to warm up with a bowl of soup and a locally-sourced tea or coffee. Wander around their shop to find your new favorite book to curl up and read. After you’ve read a few chapters and decide you need something a bit stiffer than tea, head to Rosedale to imbibe one of their house cocktails. Try our favorite, the Rickie.

An Artsy Afternoon

The Contemporary Arts Center is *the* place to go to check out local and global artists. Take a casual walk around and ponder their new galleries, but make sure you find time to play with the interactive art on the top floor. Our must-do is the room with the lights… you’ll know it when you see it. Once you’ve worked up a hunger, grab a bite at Fausto. Their creative menu is just as beautiful and inspiring as the art in the museum. After your meal, brave the cold (for half a block) and cozy up to the bar at The Righteous Room. Sip on the “Beyond Compear” in the heated courtyard while discussing your new favorite artist.

Challenge Yourself

Need to “break free” from your winter habits? Challenge yourself, and your friends, to an escape room. We suggest The Escape Game at The Banks.  Will you breakout in time? We hope so. Afterward, celebrate your newly found freedom with a visit to The Stretch. Raise a toast to your team and discuss future breakroom strategies over a few draft beers. Ready for another challenge? Step up to a game of shuffleboard. Loser buys the next round.

Keystone Bar & Chill

Nothing beats the timeless tradition of dinner and a movie. For this winter excursion, you’ll be enjoying both. Start your day with a scrumptious skillet of mac and cheese at Keystone Covington. (Pro tip: try adding buffalo sauce to the B.B. King mac & cheese). Keystone’s comfort food will prepare you for your next (lazy) adventure, a movie at Newport on the Levee. Not sure what movie to see? Take a look at what’s playing here.


There’s nothing like a little adrenaline to shake up your winter routine, right? IFly will boost your adrenaline, your mood, and your need for a steadying drink. After floating around, head over to The Roosevelt Room to bring your heart rate back down to earth. Sip on our “Big Stick” cocktail as you play a game of pool and plan your next Liberty Center experience. 

We can’t wait to see you during your wintervention. Be sure to tag us @fouregcincinnati so we can keep up with your #4egwintervention

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