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4EG Raises $3,651 for Louisiana Flood Relief

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

After only nine days of fundraising in September, 4EG was proud to match the donations of our guests and patrons in an effort to raise money for victims of the flooding in Louisiana. Together, we raised a variety of supplies and $3,651 to be donated through Matthew 25: Ministries to residents throughout the southern Louisiana area.

Matthew 25: Ministries will use the contributions to purchase and distribute needed supplies, ranging from first aid care to non-perishable food items, in the hope that these goods can provide some comfort and relief as Louisiana begins the road to recovery.

Matthew 25: Ministries is local to the Cincinnati area and is based in Blue Ash, OH. The non-profit has worked to help those in need for 25 years and has received numerous accreditations for its financial efficiency and charitable impact. Over 99 percent of their funding and donations go directly to their relief programs.

Answering the Call

When torrential downpour submerged the state in over seven trillion gallons of water, the need for aid was clear. For some 4EG staff members, however, the call to help was personal.

Erin Holtman, a bartender at Igby’s, saw her longtime friend’s life devastated by the flood waters. She recalls the sequence of events which compelled her to participate in the 4EG fundraiser: “A childhood family friend lives in Baton Rouge and the pictures of her own neighborhood that she shared on Facebook were something out of a nightmare. Everything on her street was underwater, including her children’s school. The school was ruined. Most kids in her daughter’s classes had escaped the flood with only the clothes on their backs. Her neighbors ate hot dogs huddled around a generator one night in their garage. Not only had people lost everything, but people were literally being rescued out of the water just miles from her home. The pictures of people’s belonging piled up as trash were heartbreaking. I couldn’t begin to wrap my head around losing everything overnight. I felt that there was such an overwhelming need and I knew I wanted to help somehow,” Erin recalled.

Once 4EG jumped on board, members from each location were ready to contribute. All that remained was to select a charity or organization who could put the donations to use. The decision was remarkably clear.

“Initially, Erin Lutes brought up [partnering with] Matthew 25: Ministries because they were a local charity she had volunteered with in the past, but the options were still open,” Holtman explained. “The next day my friend posted that a Matthew 25: Ministries relief boat had floated down her street and brought food and water to her neighborhood. It was such a clear sign that donating to Matthew 25: Ministries would be the right fit.”

The impact of this summer’s devastating flood still lingers. If you missed our fundraiser—or are eager to do more—visit to donate or volunteer your time.

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