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...Ready For It? 4EG Bars as Taylor Swift Eras

The big week has finally arrived in Swift-cinnati, and Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor. The Eras Tour will take over Paycor Stadium at The Banks this Friday and Saturday, June 30 and July 1. The event of the summer got us thinking, which 4EG bar best represents each iconic Taylor era? Check out our pairs below and visit 4EG locations across the city this weekend for drink specials and themed events!

Taylor Swift (Debut): Keystone Bar & Grill

As 4EG’s longest-standing Cincinnati/NKY location, Keystone Bar & Grill has Stay(ed) Beautiful since 2007. It’s home to some of our tried and true favorites, like ½ price Mac Monday and weekend brunch. Just like Taylor, the restaurant draws musical inspiration from some classics we’ve known since childhood (Fleetwood Mac, anyone?). Keystone hosts live music on Thursday nights, so who knows when the next Taylor Swift could be performing? Our neighborhood bar and grill boasts a charm perfect for gathering with family and old friends, reminiscent of Taylor’s girl-next-door energy that started it all.

Fearless: The Roosevelt Room

History was made in the Fearless era, so grab your cowgirl boots and glitter guitar and meet me at The Roosevelt Room, 4EG’s tribute to former president Theodore Roosevelt. Forever & Always, nostalgia and warm colors abound, and the bar features a hand painted mural of a rearing horse. A mirrorball sparkles in the back room, tempting a Love Story dance party following a lively ½ price happy hour. The historic origins of the bar pair best with one of Taylor’s most historic eras, introducing us to her bold confidence, making her a household name, and launching her career onto pop radio and into the tabloids.

Speak Now: Rosedale OTR

“The story starts when it was hot and it was summer” in OTR’s backyard, Rosedale’s patio. If you’ve ever wanted to be Haunted by your college memories, look no further. Jokes aside, Rosedale is where Sparks Fly and Enchanted summer memories are made, from Opening Day to Labor Day. Long Live nights playing bocce ball, posing for the photo booth, and laughing with your closest friends under the patio’s twinkling string lights. On the weekend, venture to the upstairs bar surrounded with purple floral wallpaper, an intimate space to whisper with your friends about your own Dear John dilemma. Speak Now helped Taylor transition to adulthood, the same way Rosedale keeps us young and encourages us to Never Grow Up.

Red: Igby’s

Red is basically the official album of fall, and Igby’s knows how to match the vibes. Its crackling fireplaces and Red aesthetic beckon guests to Stay, Stay, Stay for just one more glass of wine, long into the months of Forever Winter. Cincinnati knows Igby’s All Too Well on New Year’s Eve, so Run to buy your ticket before you’re just a Girl At Home on December 31. Year round, Igby’s is a good choice whether you’re dancing like you’re 22 or enjoying a night out with your Babe after dinner at Sotto. Even when you’re making plans to go elsewhere, Igby’s sings in the back of your mind, “I bet you think about me.”

1989: The Stretch

1989 is a summer album, The Stretch is a summer bar, and they’re probably both your boyfriend’s favorite. Whether you want to Shake It Off during a long week or step out in Style on a weekend night, I Know Places where the bartenders will pour you a shot (or three) regardless of the circumstances. Even though The Stretch comes to life on summer nights, do you ever have a Blank Space in your heart, wishing you were watching Joe Burrow on a snowy Sunday afternoon? Only a few more months until the QB of our Wildest Dreams is back in action.

Reputation: The Righteous Room

The Righteous Room has us “feeling so Gatsby” following a recent renovation. The newly painted green ceiling serves serious snakeskin vibes, and moody lighting throughout the bar creates an edgy atmosphere perfect for an Old Fashioned and your favorite going-out Dress. The back courtyard is better and bolder than ever, serving as the End Game destination following Fountain Square’s Thursday Latin Nights. Soon to become a four-season patio, you’ll be texting all of your friends, “Come here, you can meet me in the back” all year round. Don’t Blame Me if your next night out at The Righteous Room brings the heat in a way you’ve never experienced.

Lover: Beeline - Newport on the Levee

Cincinnati’s summer sunsets are best at Beeline, so “meet me in the afterglow” for a seamless transition from Daylight and happy hour chit-chat to late-night memories. The bridge of Cruel Summer is acknowledged as one of Taylor’s best, and Beeline is fittingly located across Cincinnati’s iconic bridges at Newport on the Levee. The bar’s bright, buzzing energy aligns with the album’s dreamy pop tracks, all in front of a pastel backdrop. Beeline brings the nightlife vibes after dark, so being drunk in the back of the car and crying like a baby coming home from the bar is never out of the question.

Folklore: The Lackman & Low Spark

Tied together by Invisible String, The Lackman and Low Spark are sister bars in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine neighborhood. The bars are rooted in the area’s history and curate inventive craft cocktail menus, intentionally creating an atmosphere that’s cozy, intimate, and best known by local regulars. Nights “sip away like a bottle of wine,” talking and people-watching through the bars’ wide windows. In her first surprise pandemic album, Taylor embraced the indie-pop genre and rose to a new level of lyricism and storytelling, bringing her fans together during a time of isolation. Embrace the familiarity and get some “rosé flowing with your chosen family” on an evening out in OTR.

Evermore: Japp’s

Looking for a spot to meet up every Tuesday night? No Champagne Problems here. Japp’s has a rich local history dating back to 1879, with origins as Japp’s Hair Store, specializing in handmade wigs and toupees. Converted to a bar for the first time in the 1990s, Japp’s still specializes in historic craft cocktails with a unique story behind every drink. Storytelling has always been key at Japp’s, a perfect compliment to the deep, thoughtful stories of the Evermore era. It’s always ‘tis the damn season for an espresso martini, served on draft and ideal for sipping on a cozy night. Long Story Short, Japp’s has changed and evolved throughout the years, but its recent renovation and experienced bartenders will secure it as an OTR staple for Evermore.

Midnights: Killer Queen

4EG’s newest addition has cast a Lavender Haze all over The Banks since April, and Taylor’s weekend at Paycor Stadium will “make the whole place shimmer” in a way we haven’t seen in years. No venue better embraces the Queen of Pop’s most recent album and era, inspired by sleepless nights and a hazy, sparkly aesthetic. Killer Queen offers a bit of everything: day drinking, sports tailgating, craft cocktails, and late-night dancing, much like Midnights and its influences drawn from all of Taylor’s past eras. For the past few months, all of Cincinnati has been saying “and by the way, I’m going out (to Killer Queen) tonight.”

Don't leave a Blank Space on your calendar before or after the big show! Make sure we don't have Bad Blood; be sure to visit your favorite 4EG location this weekend for some good Eras Tour Karma!

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