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Zach Smart

General Manager, aliveOne

Zach Smart is the General Manager of aliveOne Chicago. He started working the door at aliveOne in 2008 while attending Columbia College for his BFA. After graduation, he worked in construction and retail design. He continued to work part-time at aliveOne and eventually became a bartender. In 2016, he left aliveOne for a year while his retail design job took him to Seattle. Zach moved back to Chicago in 2017 where he became the Assistant Manager of aliveOne and eventually the General Manager.

In his spare time, Zach enjoys very slowly remodeling his house, riding motorcycles, shooting his bow, and, if he has the time, going on backpacking trips with friends. Zach’s favorite drink after a long day of work is a Peach High Noon and a Glenmorangie.

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